Winning My Heart

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 6 Five ways to win your heart: 1. Food. I am like a stereotypical man in that the way to my heart is my stomach. (Or maybe a dog.) Feed me and I will love you. 2. Make me laugh. If you have me laughing you have already won. … Continue reading Winning My Heart

Let’s Catch Up

Let's just get down to business. 30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 4 Write about someone who inspires you. This prompt threw me off. I was in a foul mood and really feeling ashamed of and sorry for myself. The fog that is the ugliness of postpartum depression had been creeping back up on me … Continue reading Let’s Catch Up


30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 3 What are your top three pet peeves? 1. Loud chewing, slurping, or mouth sounds in general really get under my skin. It is the worst when I am sitting in silence or I am already attempting to listen to something and the sound of someone else's mouth is louder than … Continue reading Peeved