Kick off day 1

So, I am jumping on the 30 day writing challenge as a bit of a get to know ya. Hopefully, this should be a good bit of fun and will keep the pressure off in starting this thing from scratch.


Day 1 : 10 things that make you REALLY happy!
(in no particular order)

1. My children’s laughter.
I might as well start off with a good thing about my kiddos because my last post didn’t exactly paint my feelings about them in the best light. For real, you guys, when they laugh I get this feeling like I could make hundreds of them. Sign me up for the rabbit life. There is nothing in the world like the two of them giggling – especially together.

2. Silence.
I do not have this luxury very often, but when I do I immediately cry. It is like the first breath of freedom after crawling out of a damp, dark cave.

3. Sunshine.
Sun on my skin is the best medicine.

4. My husband.
Seriously, you guys. Marry your best friend. Make sure they make you laugh a lot first and then marry the crap out of them.

5. Laying on the kitchen floor with my sister and mom.
This probably sounds absolutely insane to most, but that is where the giggle box leaks the most. They are my heroes and my biggest advocates.

6. Food.
It’s no secret. I LOVE food. Anything loaded with flavor and labeled “man food” – that is my food.

7. Parks and Recreation.
I don’t know that I could say that this is my favorite show, but if I am having a hard time – it works. I am also convinced that it produced enough oxytocin to kickstart my labor with my youngest into high gear. “You had me at meat tornado.”

8. The beach.
There is no place I would rather be.

9. Clean laundry.
When I finish a load of laundry and am pulling it out of the dryer and into a basket, I simply can not keep myself from burying my head in it. It makes me feel successful and happy all at once. I am frickin’ good at laundry.

10. Decorating.
I go nutty over a beautiful and cohesive space. The more creative the storage – the nuttier I get. If there is office supplies involved, oh my god. Layering textures and patterns makes me giddy. Including nerdy, quirky items mixed into the grown up décor – I am done for. Oh, don’t mind Tina Belcher – she’s just admiring my mercury glass lamp. BAM! I cannot go a week without changing something.

That is it. Well, just 10… I have about 12 more I need to add. Welcome to my brain – it just gets weirder from here.

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