30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3
What are your top three pet peeves?

1. Loud chewing, slurping, or mouth sounds in general really get under my skin. It is the worst when I am sitting in silence or I am already attempting to listen to something and the sound of someone else’s mouth is louder than the volume. Nothing is worse than listening to someone eat a bowl of cereal. Somehow the sound of the milk slurping alongside the crunching is enough to push me over the edge.
In reality, its a lot of small sounds like this that really mess me up. Someone scratching their scalp is awful. Having the volume up too loud on the tv or cell phone makes me feel like my eye is twitching. Its almost as if my ears are ringing and I have to talk myself down. I drive my husband crazy in the car because the sound of the wind hitting the windows often makes this insanely high pitched whistling sound that apparently only I can hear.

2. Being ignored.
I am not totally sure this is a pet peeve but more of a trigger for me at this point. Very few things push me to a total angry breakdown. In fact, I have full on yelled at my son more times than I would like to admit these last few weeks for this very reason (he will be three next month if that gives you a little context). He would rather ignore me and get in trouble than listen to me, do what I ask, and move on with our day and onto fun things. It does not make a whole lot of sense, but, he is not even three yet, so that can be expected. I have actually had to spend some time trying to work myself out of this one lately because I have caught myself angry enough a few times that I am questioning the root of it all. I probably will go into this more at a later date, but not tonight. We are already nearing the end of today and I need to get some rest.

3.Women who do not believe in women. “I don’t believe a woman should be president because you can’t trust a woman during her cycle.” – I have heard those words come out of a woman’s mouth. Really, I have heard similar opinions from many women. I think this is total insanity. I think that a woman who believes women should not be trusted simply because they are women should not be trusted themselves. We have all heard of “mommy wars” – same thing. It is just a bunch of mothers who believe other mothers are getting it wrong because they do not believe in the amazingness it is to be a woman. We are all different, we are all amazing, and we all kick ass. I believe a woman could be a damn good president because we have a natural nurturer thing that just works. Who better to do a pretty thankless job than the sex that gets thanked the least?
Oh, c’mon. We know its true.

Okay, enough for today.
What gets under your skin?

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