Let’s Catch Up

Let’s just get down to business.
30 Day Writing Challenge –
Day 4
Write about someone who inspires you.
This prompt threw me off. I was in a foul mood and really feeling ashamed of and sorry for myself. The fog that is the ugliness of postpartum depression had been creeping back up on me for about a week and I was doing a terrible job at ignoring it. (I do not recommend attempting to ignore reality, folks. It just does not work like it should.) Some crazy things have been happening around here and my hormones just seem to be adding to the pile of junkmail in my mind. I spent the whole day thinking about this prompt and it seemed to only make me feel more like crap.
I could have written about the women in my life and the reasons they inspire me. Problem is, they inspire because they succeed or seem to really thrive in the very places that I feel I fail – or really struggle. I did not feel like getting all sappy talking about how much I love them and I REALLY did not feel like talking about all of my faults and failings. It was just not a good day for crying.
I considered writing about Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. She is kind of totally amazing and I love her because she is strange, awkward, and just cool with herself.
Really, I considered writing about my niece for the very same reasons plus some.
BUT, I did not feel like it. I decided that I would rather lay in bed being depressed and feeling sorry for myself instead.
So, let’s just skip inspiring people day.
Day 5
List five places you want to visit.
You guys, I LOVE lists. Writing lists about everything is exactly how I organize my whole life.
In no real order and just off the top of my head: (My list is honestly much longer)
1. Hawaii
2. Philippines
3. Victoria Falls – I was in Zambia once. And I am still not over the fact that we did not make this happen.
4. Guatemala – This is probably the most likely to happen before any of the others.
5. Bora Bora
(or Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, or Fiji, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, the coast in France, Greece, the Amalfi coast in Italy, oh my goodness, and the Caves Resort in Jamaica – really I could keep going.)
I have joked since I was a teenager that I wanted to step foot at least once in every country in the world – even if only for a few minutes.
So, there you have it. We are all caught up!

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