Winning My Heart

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 6
Five ways to win your heart:
1. Food.
I am like a stereotypical man in that the way to my heart is my stomach. (Or maybe a dog.)
Feed me and I will love you.
2. Make me laugh.
If you have me laughing you have already won.
3. Talk nerdy to me.
Any good conversation will do, really, but I will be especially interested if you talk about a fandom, space, the universe, science, music, books, or even a good movie. Or food. Let’s talk about food.
4. Be thoughtful.
If you remember something I said in the past and then act upon it randomly – I am now your BFF. Good luck getting rid of me. If you see I am having a bad day and you make an effort, you will immediately be on my favorite list.
5. Read my mind. I know that sounds ridiculous, but, if you can make that happen so that I do not have to talk about the terrible things in my mind, that would be great. Just read my mind, bring me a snack, let me cry for a minute while I eat said snack, and then let’s watch something funny while laughing at hilariously awful memes on pinterest.
That all sounds about right.
Now I am hungry.

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