We Need To Talk

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Okay people,
It is time to talk about it.

Especially “Christian” women,
It is time to talk about it.
First things first:
As far as first impressions go, I am as square as they get. I am a stay at home mom, a wife, a virgin when I got married, never done any drugs, grew up in church, and daughter of a minister. I was even a licensed minister myself for a time.
I am a feminist.
Wait what? ^^^ If you got stuck there, we need to talk.
Just because I sound like a plain Jane does not mean I can not be a feminist. I believe that women should be allowed to choose the life they want. All of those things, I chose for myself. They were what I needed and wanted for my life. I believe that the stereotypes between boys and girls are absolutely ridiculous. I hate that the men in my life have been told to man up, and have had their feelings hurt because they were called names like “pussy” or told they “throw/run like a girl.” I absolutely hate that some of these same men objectify women while around each other and only become truthful in quiet hushed voices that they “daydream” about those same women as partners and mothers to their future children in fear that they are the only ones who do that, fully believing that it is strange. I have two sons who love baby dolls as much as they do “cooking and cleaning” in their little kitchen and playing dress up. Playing house and “daddy” are almost a constant in our home simply because it is what they love. But that does not come without sideways looks and awkward comments when it is discussed. I have been given grief for telling my niece that she is made of magic. I tell her that because one day, the world will tell her different and she should not have to believe she is made of anything that is not beautiful and perfect and strong. My oldest son and my niece are the same age, and will grow up experiencing the world at the same rate. When they are grown my niece should not have a harder time paying her bills than my son. She should not have a harder time reaching for a new position. And she should most definitely not believe that the presidency is unattainable. My son should not grow up and be told he HAS to provide for a family and that that is all he is good for. He should never be told that caring for his children is not considered “providing”. He will grow up believing that “you hit like a girl” is a compliment because his cousin has an amazingly good hook. I hate that my grandmother had her first child before she was allowed to have a credit card without a man’s signature on it – that child being my own mother. This was only the 70s people.
I am a feminist.
The deed is done, there is a new president in office.
A man with many faults like many who have come before him.
I am not here to talk about most of those.
Before we get into this –
I am not saying who my vote was for or even assume who you voted for.
I do not know that information nor do I want to hear it.
Your vote should always be your own – always driven by policy and capability and not who your leaders, family, or friends are voting for.
I will not even go as far to say one vote was right over another.
For this post I will be setting all policy and experience for the position aside to talk about a deeper issue.)
Sexism has run rampant in our country from the foundation – it is not new to us.
It has been around as long as there have been men and women.
We know.
For the first time in our country’s history a WOMAN came so close to the presidency.
Close enough to smell the cologne soaked air wafting from the oval office.
But we did not celebrate.
In fact, (I’m speaking to you Christian women here…) I heard you shouting that the “witch is dead” from your rooftops. You celebrated the defeat without once acknowledging the victory that took place.
It is your right to have your opinion and to vote.
Feminism gave us that right. Feminism fought for that right.
Yet, you sit in my living room and say that you do not believe a woman should be the president because of her hormones. You. A woman. Should you not vote because you have hormones and may change your hormone driven mind at any moment? You are lucky you made it to vote at all with those hormones making you forget where you are going.
What an absolute mockery of the women who came before you – reducing all we are to hormones.
You clapped your hands and praised your God but never thanked Him for the incredible victory that has been prayed and fought for the last 100 years.
A prayer was answered. Our voice was heard. A mark was made in our lifetime that the women who were arrested and had feeding tubes shoved down their throats fought for but never saw. We reap the benefits and are greedy and ungrateful.
And I am calling you out.
I know women who were excited, myself included, who felt the muzzle pull tightly across their faces. A good word was not to be uttered from our lips unless it ripped another woman apart. We watched other people express their disdain or sadness and get openly mocked for it.
Gloat hovered around us like a dense fog.
You know there is a problem when people feel the need to have a “safe place”. You know there is a problem when the country is so absolutely divided.
The woman was not to be celebrated by any shape of the imagination.
This was a witch hunt in the Christian community.
All while a defense was put up for a man who has made blatantly sexist comments that have made even me uncomfortable.
(That’s really really hard to do, folks.)
I am guilty for not speaking sooner. I am guilty of not ripping off that muzzle because I would offend your pulpit driven vote.
Your eyes rolled while women marched today.
Complained that you were inconvenienced. (Although it was well known when, where, and for how long it would be going on.) You called it “protest” like that is a dirty word and roped it in with the people throwing bricks through windows yesterday thinking it was going to get something done. Without protest, us women would not have been able to vote in the first place. You, with eyes rolling, are the same people who were throwing fits when Obama went into office. Who were a heap on the floor – angry and useless for actual conversation for six whole years. (By the way, it is nice having you back – I missed you)
Yet a women’s march sent you into a hissy fit in total assumption that the only issue they marched for was that they want a different president. Do some research.
I can not say I am surprised. If you are confused as to why women needed to march today, you have not been listening. REALLY listening.
Today I spent the day with 5 men who had no idea the significance of the day. Two of which I grew and gave birth to myself. (With a little help from the husband, wink wink) You owe at least the body you have to your mother. And lucky one’s like me, all of who I am I owe to my mother. As females, we have the ability to give and sustain life itself.
Every man who has ever walked the Earth was given his life by a woman
– and the majority of them have never given that a second thought.
I have recently began making a male friend very uncomfortable by telling him the reason he has a penis at all is because his mother grew it for him.
Does that make you uncomfortable? Good, then job well done on my part.
A life giving woman almost became president in 2016.
And we did not celebrate.
And every day that I do not, my heart grieves a little more.
I understand disagreeing with policy and being happy that a candidate won or lost.
I get all of that, this is how politics work.
But we should also celebrate any victory no matter how small.
This was a pretty big victory for womankind here in our country and what a shame if you can not see that.
Here’s to the very real possibility that a woman will become President of the United States in our lifetime. And here’s to knowing she will be a damn good one.

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