About Me

I spent my first few married years attempting to be it all. I desperately grasped at being a great housewife and mother. Well, turns out I’m not that great of a house wife and it took us a year and a half to even get pregnant the first time around.

Well, here I am, two kids later – 6 years of marriage under my belt (or yoga pants elastic) and I’m still in the same boat. Still trying to figure out where I fit and how I have any worth. This brings us to the “rubies” thing. “Everyday Above Rubies” is my old blog that I quit writing in because of above said reason – it’s sole purpose was to be a place that I could live everyday as if my worth was that above rubies like that of the proverbs 31 woman. Well, surprise surprise – that didn’t work. I just felt more miserable and worthless because I don’t fit the pretty Christan mama mold. I just don’t. I use four letter words, dream about running away from my responsibilities, have a “dirty mind”, have opinions, love tequila, and laugh inappropriately loud in public. I do love Jesus though.

So, screw the mold. Screw the rubies.


My worth is far above caffine at 4 o’clock while caring for four children all 2 and under. I’m worth more than a margarita on the beach after 6 months of restless nights with a nursing baby (hello, my adorable youngest). So bare with me while I learn that these things are actually true.


One thought on “About Me

  1. That’s right, screw the rubies! And yet this, this right here is why your worth far exceeds rubies! You are real. You are honest. You do the “stuff” even when you’re not feeling it! Break the mold. Shatter the illusion. Be the complex woman and gift of God you were created to be!

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