Accidental Martyr

(The doormat above can be purchased at for $12.99.) 30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 8 Write about something you struggle with. I am an accidental martyr. That may be a bit of a strong word for what I am talking about, but it works for now. I say "yes" to others far too … Continue reading Accidental Martyr

Listen, Feel, Close Your Eyes

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 7 List 10 songs that you're loving right now. (When I say "right now" I seriously mean, right now. These are likely to change in about 10 minutes for me. 1. Sour Patch Kids - Bryce Vine (This is my new favorite song right now - it has everything … Continue reading Listen, Feel, Close Your Eyes


30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 3 What are your top three pet peeves? 1. Loud chewing, slurping, or mouth sounds in general really get under my skin. It is the worst when I am sitting in silence or I am already attempting to listen to something and the sound of someone else's mouth is louder than … Continue reading Peeved